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47 Dacquisto Is Dangerous For Redding! 47 (Redding )

42 another of your points backfire...Colorado truth 42 (redding) pic

two weeks away from passage of Measure A

a few simple truths about marijuana and our economy

153% increase in Homeless in Colorado! The REAL effect of pot

Meassure A will Bankrupt Shasta County!

53 how about other states 53 (redding ) pic

41 you wanna live in a 3rd world poor country move 41 (redding) pic

the butthurt druggie ad the measure A proponent

61 high ender "GONE"WAYNE LAPEDUS 61 (ANDERSON) pic

buying dope from another county

'Your greatest adversary in this is common sense'

Missy McArthur and Lucero and Jones

Fresno Ban reality check

re: Mirror Mirror (BP)

Your All Wrong!!! (Redding)

Our jail is full

smoke dope grown in other counties

44 Police running on fumes 44 (Redding) pic

re:re Fresno ban - 42 (the brain damage is final) (A-Hole) pic

Fresno MJ Ban is far from final (the truth) pic

42 your link shows lawyers being cocky before losing on G 42 (Kern redding ) pic

re America is great

42 America is great because the majority always wins 42 (redding) pic

re:That is a lie (California) pic

27 your tantrums are funny 27 (shasta)


Re Lake county was NOT ordered to stop enforcement. That is a lie

42 further proof the support A poster lies 42 (redding Kern ) pic

43 Don't Trust the BBB of Northern CA 43 (Redding)

RE...Losing Ground Seriously ?

re: RE.. re:'s (Lake County) (cluelessville) pic

Record Searchlight Endorses No on A (Shasta County) pic

Losing Ground Seriously ? (Lake County) pic

RE.. re:'s (Lake County)

re:'s (Lake County) pic

Fear Mongering vs Facts (USA) pic's

30 CPS Abuse of Power 30 (Redding)

re:Webster's (Cluelessville) pic

A simple and undeniable truth about Measure A

RE, you shouldn't have brought merriam-webster into this

Mirror Mirror who's the best f*&k of them all? (BP)

Re: traffic (Shasta County)

The real granny 6 plant pic

RE: Dishonest Business People

Traffic Sucks Here (Jacksonville,FL)

42 you shouldn't have brought merriam-webster into this 42 (redding)

Re...hate profiteers . on measure A!

RE.. re: Drug Dealer ? YES, THC is a drug, and those who sell it...

re: Drug Dealer ? (NorCal) pic

42 we know communist and socislist hate profiteers 42 (redding) pic


pot profiteers are enemies of freedom and democracy (sound cartel related?) pic

43 Dishonest Business People 43 (Redding)

make the city safer (clean up garbage, trash, litter) pic

Pot pig pic


To the Shasta County BOS.

This needs every one to see.. pic

Low information Obama voters responsible for nuclear apocalypse (Earth)

27 Warning!Big bend car jackers 27 (Big bend)

Snitches (Cali) pic

Snitches (Shasta County) pic

Pot Zen pic

33 CPS/APS Doing their job????? 33 (Anderson)

taxing pot

Tonia higgins (redding )

For or against MMJ you should know the truth

31 eYola 31 (Jersey)

42 Kern is still growing and selling : ) 42 (Kern/redding) pic

No cutting without Due Process (Lake County) pic

Fresno County marijuana cultivation ban upheld AGAIN

Seems Legit 215 text read it and weep (Cali) pic

Pot haters days are numbered. pic

challenge, fallacies and the Kern county comparison

wanted rick hughes rite now (figtree)

Cultivation licensing for Medical mmj

42 challenge 42 (redding)

65 Rich get Richer & Poor get Poorer 65 (Turtle Bay) pic

42 challenging the ordinance just buys time 42 (redding)

69 Re: Lucero 69 (gossip city)

bbb in green mini cooper (downtown)

Re: Questions on Measure A (Shasta)

40 Re lucero 40 (redding)

boycott the rag

52 re: Dolores Lucero 52 (Redding)

challenging an orinance

56 Dolores Lucero 56 (Redding)

How to work the ban

Think Pink (Redding) pic

42 an ordinance can be challenged in court regardless of what its about 42 (redding)

figtree you cant miss rick (redding )

To the ass who just replied about the stolen bike and kutras (redding)

do the research on Kern County lawsuit. IT IS NOT ABOUT CULTIVATION!


300 plants in Shingletown making the rounds on FB

42 you wouldn't know common sense if your mom slapped you with it 42 (redding)

Aggressive Dogs (Redding)

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