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27 Oct 1 Warning!Big bend car jackers 27 (Big bend)

Oct 1 Tell me location of even 1 pro measure A sign, I will do my part

Oct 1 To No Supporter re Post A Sign

Oct 1 Post a sign day for anti Measure A

71 Oct 1 Anna Gulch 71 (Anderson) pic

Oct 1 Post-A-Sign today! (Drug money down the toilet)

Oct 1 Dopers admit pro-posters are 5:1

55 Sep 30 Vote yes on Measure A 55 (Shasta County )

420 Sep 30 re... five to one ratio, oh poor tweeky 420 (pot haters everywhere)

Sep 30 re... BEGGERS

Sep 30 five to one ratio...Oh poor Tweeky

Sep 30 I will do my part pic

Sep 30 re... took a shit and haven't wiped


Sep 30 Stop responding to pot hater

Sep 30 re... families today

Sep 30 pot hater troll posts 5 posts to every 1

Sep 30 Re... pot HATERS are full of hatred

Sep 30 waste of time (no one is listening) pic

Sep 30 Me, Pot, Mind, and hand (Windsor Estates)

Sep 30 Colorado tax info is old news ...

Sep 30 Re 'Those whom you ridiculed' ...

39 Sep 30 Recreational pot bringing in two-thirds less tax revenue than expected 39 (Colorado) pic

Sep 30 what's with Facebooks 530 needs?

Sep 30 RE...pot addicts are full of hatred

Sep 30 Yama sushi best sushi in town (40 hatnell)

215 Sep 30 No one is listening to you anymore pot hater 215 (pot haters everywhere)

Sep 30 Re:Re: Fresno ban results in lawsuits

Sep 30 Re: Pot Addicts are Full of Hatred

Sep 30 pot addicts are full of hatred

Sep 30 RE..More lawsuits coming...or this is just another empty threat

65 Sep 30 What the horse left behind 65 (Lassen County)

Sep 30 No on A Protesters Today at RS pic

Sep 30 RE: My Family is Supporting Measure A

Sep 30 More lawsuits coming

Sep 30 Re state income down

Sep 30 Re: Rant Rave Bricks Smokehouse (Shittinbricks)

Sep 30 Anderson New Tech (anderson)

Sep 30 Rant & Rave ~ Brick's BBQ (Eureka Way)

Sep 30 RE: state income down

Sep 30 RE...stop responding pot hater

Sep 30 From: Me,just Me

49 Sep 30 state income down, profieteers boasting 49 (do you want the same?)

Sep 30 Shasta County-Measure A/B??

Sep 30 Stop responding to pot hater!

44 Sep 29 Thank you for helping us stop the ban! 44 (Shasta Co. and effected areas)

Sep 29 pot hater troll posting duplicate posts

33 Sep 29 please, I am crying out for help 33 (redding)

Sep 29 Everyone against "pot hater" must read

62 Sep 29 Measure A is going to pass 62 pic

Sep 29 RE..Vote NO on Measure A-Support Save Access Protect Children

Sep 29 "Protecting the way to the I-5 corridor" pic

Sep 29 Measure A is going to pass...accept that and move on

Sep 29 Vote NO on Measure A-Support Safe Access Protect Children pic

Sep 29 Marijuana's healing effects are boundless (Everywhere)

Sep 29 Re Re: Honest Question/ Thank u

Sep 29 "thanks for a copy of your post to send to the DA" (wah wah snitch bitch) pic

Sep 29 Re Honest question

Sep 29 Massage by R

Sep 29 RE: Honest Question

Sep 29 RE: Re: PAS

Sep 29 Re: Original R&R viewers

Sep 29 Honest question about Measure A

Sep 29 Re the hypocrisy of hate speech

Sep 29 R&R original viewers pic

Sep 29 RE hate speech and addiction

Sep 29 Re: Commercials (Headacheville)

Sep 29 Lets be Realistic Here! (Shasta) pic

Sep 29 Mariuanja make one stupid (Article)

Sep 29 RE..accept the fact ...

Sep 29 Re: Hate Speech

Sep 29 Hate Speech

Sep 29 Please flag...

Sep 29 'accept the fact ...

Sep 29 2014 Best of Northstate

Sep 29 Do you see

Sep 29 RE: Flagging day reply

Sep 29 RE: Drugs clearly labeled dangerous & addictive

Sep 29 Flagging day? (Shasta County)

Sep 28 RE...More kids will be hurt from measure A than Suckers!

Sep 28 More kids will be hurt from measure A than Suckers!

Sep 28 Liquor King 9/28 (Bechelli)

Sep 28 Measure A (Redding )

Sep 28 re:Thank You Shasta Sheriff, MET, & Federal Authoraties (flagged)

Sep 28 the CUA and cultivation (California) pic

Sep 28 Re heading to service soon What a Joke!!!!

Sep 28 RE: RE: RE: Why is it so hard.. (your house)

Sep 28 Dear Pot Hater...

Sep 27 The board (Shasta )

Sep 27 grandma 6-plant aka rasta-full-of-shit

Sep 27 Changing this town...and yourself

Sep 27 The end of life as we know it.

Sep 27 Thank you for the support in flunking Measure A

Sep 27 Re Truth about Measure A ! Warrentless searches

Sep 27 Your kids lose if you dont stop measure A

Sep 27 Measure A means loss of firearms and freedom

Sep 27 'start respecting our community.'

Sep 27 Truth about Measure A ! Warrentless searches

Sep 27 No complaints in dopey's neighborhood pic

Sep 27 metal heads where are you? (Redding)

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